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Nurse Nancy's Notes

Happy May!!  I can’t believe our school year is almost over!!  I have really enjoyed getting to know your children and you!  As our school year ends, I need to give you a couple of reminders:

· Children cannot enroll in K5 or return to Southside without up to date immunizations. Please make an appointment with your Pediatrician as soon as possible.

· If your child has a food allergy, you will need to bring to your child’s school an order from the Doctor stating what your child is allergic to.  This includes food allergies.  If your child has an Epi-Pen, there must be a Doctor order for the Epi-Pen and you must bring one to school before your child starts.

· If your child cannot drink regular milk, we need a Doctor’s order.  The Doctor will also need to write what your child is allowed to drink (Rice Milk, Soy Milk, Lactaid Free, Water, etc)

· If your child needs to take medication or breathing treatments at school, we must have a Doctor’s order.  The medication must be in the original bottle with the label and you must bring it to my office.  You will also need to sign permission forms and I will need to do a Health Care Plan.

· If your child has any medical issues such as Asthma, Sickle Cell, Seizures, Diabetes, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Migraines, Reflux, please come talk to me.  These are medical issues that I need to be aware of.

 Thank you for sharing your children with me this year.  All of them are a great Blessing.  Have a GREAT summer!

Nurse Nancy